Fingerprint bluetooth door lock

WIFI Wireless Door Lock For Vacation Rental House Apartment

  • Price: usd37.5-usd55.0
  • Model: L-X1
  • Colors: Gold, Silver, gray ,black
  • Size : 300*76*12 mm
  • Description: WIFI Wireless Door Lock For Vacation Rental House Apartment

WIFI Wireless Door Lock For Vacation Rental House Apartment

useWiFiorBluetoothconnection to asmartphoneAPP or phone bluetoothto open.Our thisWiFi door lockis design to perform locking and unlocking operations when it receives these instructions from an authorized device, such as a mobile phone.Which is use for vacationrental apartment ,it’s easy for guest check in and check out, and save cost ,human resource for the hotel management as well .


1. 5 convenient unlock ways: WiFi APP Access, Bluetooth APP Access, PIN Code Unlock, Card Unlock, Mechanical Key Unlock;

2. Convenient apartment management system APP

3. Connect this lock to the WiFinetworkand management the apartment anywhere anytime;

4.Classical and simple appearance;

5. The battery can use for  one year;

6. We can customize production according to requirements: OEM/ODM;

Convenient Apartment Management APP

1. Connect each of the rooms to the APP through this smart lock

2. Manage the staffs and assign them different administrative rights on the APP;

3. Can manage a large number of locks and rooms with just one phone in the APP;

4. Checking-in and checking-out can be done easily on the APP;

5. Can send the time-limited password and eKey to the tenant through the APP with time limited, they will be expired when timeout ., 6. Check Checking-in and checking-out records at anytime;

Technical Parameters

Item Number


Item Name

WIFI Wireless Door Lock For Vacation Rental House Apartment

Unlock Ways

Bluetooth/WiFi APP Access, Password,Card,Mechanical Key

Identification Time





Silver, gold, black,rose gold

Application Places

Residential, Apartment, Home, Office, Airbnb

Item Size


Door Thickness


Working Temperature


Working Humidity


Working Voltage

6V (4*AAA Batteries)

Battery Life

Support 10,000 times of locking and unlocking operation

APP System

Android, iOS

Data Capacity



English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguess, Russian, French, Malay and more is coming


2 Years


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