RFID Cabinet Lock

  • Number Card Key Digtal RFID Cabinet Lock Supplier China
  • Number Card Key Digtal RFID Cabinet Lock Supplier China
Number Card Key Digtal RFID Cabinet Lock Supplier China Number Card Key Digtal RFID Cabinet Lock Supplier China

Number Card Key Digtal RFID Cabinet Lock Supplier China

  • Material : Zinc Alloy
  • Unlock way : PIN code+Card key
  • Colors: gold, silver
  • Card Chip: RFID
  • Description: This kind of RFID cabinet lock design inspiration come from Iphone .so we called it for iphone model too . simple and generous outlook suit for luxury place to install .

Number Card Key Digtal RFID Cabinet Lock Supplier China 

Product Show 

Choose Wristband Key

Technical Data

Material Zinc Alloy
Unlocking card RFID
Unlocking methods Card/Password/Password +Card
Four level management Master card, manager card, guest card
Starting time <1 second
Master card capacity 1
Guest card capacity 20
Power supply 4pcs 2A 1.5V alkaline batteries
Battery life span about 12 months
External power interface Yes
Static power consumption <5μA
Dynamic power consumption About 200 mA
Working temperature -20 to70 degreed celsius
Working humidity <95%
The battery life Open door for 2000 times
Working Humidity 20%-90%RH
Warranty 1 year,and lifetime maintenance

Complete Set Consist

ONE Compelte Set Consist
1 one lock
2 one key ( laser number )
3 one latch catch and screw
4 one number panel
Master Key ; Manager Key ; Universal Key ;Common Key
Customer Key . ( As customized need )
Urgent Battery case :door unlock without energy , can use battery case charge at the lock head hole, open lock.
(As customized need )


1. Split type design for body and panel for different options
2.Automatic locking system
3.Touch pad button design, password can be consisted of 4-12 digits, billions of password available
4.Password can be set and changed by users, and memorized automatically when power off
5.4 pieces AA batteries can be used for 10,000 times. Automatic power shortage prompts.
6.Introduced with Anti-Theft Technology and Fake PIN password function
7.Auto-alarm will be activated when input wrong password function
8.Lock can be set with either 1 group or 2 groups of password to open.(once 2 groups of passwords mode selected. Both groups of passwords have to be input to open)
9.Switch between public and private mode freely
10.Various accessories can be provided, special function can be customized

Our RFID digital cabinet lock advantage 

1. Adopt zinc alloy can be widely use for high humdity environment . 
2. Password unlock, RFID card unlock or password + RFID card unlock together . 
3. Bouncing function: when the lock opened by EM card, the cabinet door will be bounced automatically so no need handle 
 4. The wristband key is waterproof and can wear on handle to make more conveient, which is moisture proof, anti-corrosion, heat-resistant as well . 
 4. External power interface(Audio interface)
5, Three way unlock: 1) Swiping card; 2) Password; 3) Swiping card + password
 7. Applicable to agent, school, SPA/sauna bath center, swimming pool, gym,golf course, supermarket, hotel, company, factory, household, business clue, etc


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