RFID Cabinet Lock

  • Digital RFID Electronic Cabinet Lock with Free Wristband Key
Digital RFID Electronic Cabinet Lock with Free Wristband Key

Digital RFID Electronic Cabinet Lock with Free Wristband Key

  • Material : Zinc Alloy
  • Unlock way : PIN code+Card key
  • Colors: gold, silver
  • Card Chip: RFID
  • Description: This kind of RFID cabinet lock design inspiration come from Iphone .so we called it for iphone model too . simple and generous outlook suit for luxury place to install .

Digital RFID Electronic Cabinet Lock with Free Wristband Key

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Technical Data 

Material Zinc Alloy
Unlocking card RFID
Unlocking methods Card/Password/Password +Card
Four level management Master card, manager card, guest card
Starting time <1 second
Master card capacity 1
Guest card capacity 20
Power supply 4pcs 2A 1.5V alkaline batteries
Battery life span about 12 months
External power interface Yes
Static power consumption <5μA
Dynamic power consumption   About 200 mA
Working temperature -20 to70 degreed celsius
Working humidity <95%
The battery life Open door for 2000 times
Working Humidity 20%-90%RH
Warranty 1 year,and lifetime maintenance


  1. Split type design for body and panel for different options
  2. Automatic locking system after unlock and will automatically lock within 7 seconds
  3. Touch pad button design, password can be set as 4-8 numbers.
  4. Password can be set and changed by users, and memorized automatically when power off
  5. 4 pieces AA batteries can be used for 10,000 times last for 8-12 months as normal working .Automatic power shortage prompts.
  6. Introduced with Anti-Theft Technology and Fake PIN password function
  7. Auto-alarm will be activated when input wrong password function
  8. Various waterproof wristband key can be provided, special function can be customized 

Complete Set Consist  

ONE Compelte Set Consist 
1 one lock
2 one key ( laser number )
3 one latch catch and screw
4 one number panel
Master Key ; Manager Key ; Universal Key ;Common Key
Customer Key . ( As customized need )
Urgent Battery case :door unlock without energy , can use battery case charge at the lock head hole, open lock.
(As customized need )


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