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How to choose hotel door lock

How to choose hotel door locks

Usually some stranger add our staff online tool and ask for help of their hotel door lock . and some locks isn't made from our factory .

So the first important one thing we buy hotel door lock , we need choose the professional hotel door lock supplier which had in this business scope for many years . When we install for 2-3 years , and we need aftersale, we can find support to help us .

Then the quality need stable ,as well as some main part need use quality material , the lock key we adopt copper material , and knob use metal too , not use plastic .

Low cost for maintance  : An electronic hotel door lock is like a computer, it is made up of several separate parts: control panel + panel hardware + lock body, usually the problem come from lock body or control panel . while if you buy hotel door lock with high quality , it will have few problem .Use screwdriver we can replace by ourself .

The following points are recommended.

1, According to the design style of the hotel to choose matching style, stainless steel original color or mature surface technology is best.

2, Choose regular manufacturers, with perfect research and development, production, quality control system manufacturers which have quality and service guarantee.

3, Before choosing a lock, it is best to understand the material and thickness of the door, as well as the force on the installation of the lock position after the opening.

4, Door locks for repeated continuous quick touch card experience, stable operation, understanding of door lock circuit moisture-proof technology, circuit protection

measures, field in the elevator or intercom and other anti-interference ability test, listen to the sound of the motor drive is smooth.

5. Shake the handle vigorously and frequently to see how it loosens and sags.

6. Open to understand the brand of motor, clutch design, and precision of the lock body design parts of the lock body.

7, Repeatedly and vigorously press the handle, the lock body latch continues to contract, listen to the smooth feeling of the rotation sound, or test the smooth feeling of the latch by pressing the hand.

8. Understanding of battery cases, anti-corrosion treatment of battery leaks.

9, The software error correction, sudden shutdown and other operating system backup, recovery tests.

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