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Miss Jessica Zhou

Tel: 86-20-82021715

Email: sales@yaoanlock.com

Mobile: 86-18688201470

Add: Floor4,Building 1, 1st  Tangxia Indusstrial Road, Shangtiantang, Yaotian , Xintang,Zengcheng, GZ,China

                 WE ARE ESPECIALLY SPECIALIZED IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS                         . 
  • Hotel door locks
  • RFID cabinet locks
  • Wireless door locks
  • Bluetooth door locks
  • Fingerprint door locks
  • Glass door fingerprint door locks

                               WHAT IT'S LIKE TO WORK WITH US                                      . 

Fast Delivery

The common type we usally have 3-10 days delivery time . small order 1-2 days .

Support Small Business

2 years warranty

Technical Service

Our technical experts are ready for offer technical service all the time  We offer remote control service for the customer teaching the door lock operation , video offer for do by yourself as well .


Contact Us

Contact: Jessica

Phone: 8618688201470

Tel: 86-2082021715

Email: sales@yaoanlock.com

Whatsapp: 8618688201470

Add: Floor4,Building 1, 1st Tangxia Indusstrial Road,Shangtiantang, Yaotian , Xintang,Zengcheng, GZ,China